Why Consultancy Service

Covid-19 did change the business operations.

We at alrawdah help provide consulting for regrouping and re-organizing the way you do your businesses.

Our tenured consultants help you to take a power step and manage your businesses that fit todays fast paced business environment.

Strategic marketing of your Business

Do you sell ice in Antarctica? The answer is NO.

We make the plan for strategic marketing of your business, which involves methodologies like geo targeting.

Our experts help you to define your playground and also prepared you armour to conquer the market.


Logos define you, however what matters is experience!!!

It takes midnight oil to create a brand experience. This is what will be remembered by the customer and the good experience with a vendor/service provider lasts for a life time.

We at alrawdah, help you to create the Brand Experience and create an obsessions for your brand. Name of your business should be on top of the list of a customer.


Competitions are for the people who dream to be better!!!

Alrawdah, trains our thirsty minds to get better with everyday passing.

We provide training in the space of Engineering, Marketing, Designing, electronics, coding, arts and sciences.